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    • 24 Apr 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    • George Mason University Arlington Campus, Founders Hall, 3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA. (Room 207)
    • 11
    We have all heard of the 70/20/10 rule and know that informal learning in its many shapes and forms drives learning and application on the job. In fact, it’s never organized, has no set objectives, and just seems to happen when the learner needs it. So, how can we effectively design informal learning? Join us to engage in an interactive panel discussion with our informal learning experts Deadra Welcome, Nathan Rogers, Brandon Williams and Stephanie Hubka.

    Come prepared with your burning informal learning questions!

    Deadra Welcome is the Founder and CEO of Concerning Learning LLC, who is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM), and a Kirkpatrick Bronze Level Certification credential holder. Deadra uses her over 20 years of experience and passion for learning and development to help others make learning extraordinary!

    She has trained thousands of people in corporations, non-profit entities, and government agencies on business, human resources, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), and leadership development topics to achieve improved organizational and individual performance. Deadra is the author of Don't Get Left Behind and founded the Extraordinary Learning Academy where she trains other trainers to design, develop, and deliver inspiring, engaging, and actionable learning experiences.

    In addition to being a training consultant, she is an active member, speaker, and volunteer with the Metro DC Association for Talent Development (ATD) Chapter as well as a content contributor and past member of the ATD Leaders Conference Program Advisory Committee (ALC PAC).

    Nathan Rogers is a Sr. Consultant with Aderas Inc., a D.C. based technology firm where he currently leads training and development, and change management strategies supporting technology implementations for Aderas U.S. government client base. Nathan recently completed his Ph.D. dissertation entitled “A Case Study of Contract Instructional Designers’ Informal Learning and Operationalization in Organizations.” Nathan’s in-depth qualitative case study focused on the informal learning of contract instructional designers in corporate settings with the goal of understanding the meaning and experiences of their informal learning as it relates to day-to-day practices.

    Nathan currently serves as the Vice President of Learning for the Metro DC Chapter of ATD.

    Brandon Williams is a Manager for The Educe Group where he is currently overseeing teams of consultants working with organizations who are actively implementing or looking to improve their talent management systems and development strategy. These companies vary in size and span multiple industries from healthcare and higher education to retail and professional services. He has worked extensively and spoken on the topic of collaborative learning and the technology to execute that vision successfully.

    Prior to joining Educe, Brandon coauthored and produced a training program that affected national compliance and sales audiences at Amerigroup Corporation. Brandon has also implemented and trained on cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platforms. Over the course of his career, he has supported recruitment programs for internships, leadership development programs, and full-time employment positions.

    Brandon currently serves as the Director of Communities of Practice for the Metro DC Chapter of ATD and lives in Adams Morgan.

    Stephanie Hubka wants to live in a world where learning is exciting and inspiring and training is recognized as a natural driver of an organization’s strategy. As the managing partner at Protos Learning, her work focuses on learning innovation and technology, training design and delivery, and evaluation. During her career she has designed, developed, and delivered hundreds of instructor-led and online learning events for global audiences. She is also the co-founder of and travel writer for Road Unraveled, a website that encourages people to use their vacation time. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Stephanie is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). She is a past president of the Metro DC Chapter of ATD and serves as a National Advisor for Chapters for ATD, and she is the communications chair for the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Her passion for training is equaled only by her love of exploring the globe; an avid traveler, she has visited all 7 continents, 60 countries, and all 50 US states. 

    Please note: Programs begin at 6:00 with informal networking and refreshments until around 6:20 when the evening's formal program begins. Programs end at 8:00. We provide light snacks and bottled water. Attendees are encouraged to bring light meals with them, such as sandwiches or salads. There are several establishments within a few blocks of the Founders Hall venue that offer such fare. There is also a limited service restaurant in the lobby of Founders Hall.

    If you register and are no longer able to attend, please send an email to cop_instructional_design@dcatd.org.

    Sponsor:  George Mason University Executive and Professional Education is focused on meeting the education and training needs of the business community with Certificate programs and professional certification preparation. Our broad range of professional development programs, including programs in Leadership, Project Management, Government Contracting, HR, and many others, serve the private sector, as well as local, state, and federal organizations. Quality, timely, and cost-effective programs can be accessed in open-enrollment public seminars, classroom based and online formats, and in-house contracted training.

    Venue: George Mason University Arlington Campus, Founders Hall, 3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA. (Room 207)

    Directions to Founders Hall:

    From Washington, DC:

    Cross over the Roosevelt Bridge; follow signs to the George Washington Parkway. Once on the parkway, exit at Spout Run (left exit). Cross over Route 29 (Lee Highway). Spout Run is now Kirkwood Road. Cross over Washington Boulevard. Founders Hall is on the right, at North Fairfax Drive.

    From I-66 heading east:

    Exit I-66 at Glebe Road/Fairfax Drive (exit 71). The exit ramp turns into Fairfax Drive. After traveling one mile on North Fairfax Drive, you will see the FDIC building on the left. Founders Hall is past the FDIC building.

    *Note: All eastbound lanes of I-66 inside the Beltway are restricted to HOV-2 from 6:30 am to 9:00 am and all westbound lanes of I-66 inside the Beltway are restricted to HOV-2 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

    From I-66 heading west:

    Exit I-66 at Glebe Road (exit 71). Turn left onto Washington Boulevard. Stay on Washington Boulevard until you pass the Giant Supermarket; then turn right onto Kirkwood Road. Founders Hall is on the right, at North Fairfax Drive.

    *Note: All eastbound lanes of I-66 inside the Beltway are restricted to HOV-2 from 6:30 am to 9:00 am and all westbound lanes of I-66 inside the Beltway are restricted to HOV-2 from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

    From I-395:

    Exit I-395 at Glebe Road North. Continue on Glebe Road, passing Ballston Common Mall on the right. Cross over Wilson Boulevard, then turn right onto Fairfax Drive. After one mile you will see the FDIC building on the left. Founders Hall is past the FDIC building.

    From Fairfax and Points West, via Route 50:

    Go east on Route 50 (Arlington Blvd.). Exit at Glebe Road, and turn left on Glebe. Turn right on Fairfax Drive. The Arlington Campus is one mile down on North Fairfax Drive, past the FDIC building, on the left.

    Please note: Paid visitor garage parking is available onsite at Founders Hall as is limited street parking outside the building.

    By Metro:

    Take the Orange Line to the Virginia Square/GMU station. The Arlington Campus is approximately 2 blocks Take the escalator to the street level, and turn to face Fairfax Drive. Across the street and to the right, you will see the FDIC building. Cross the street and continue past the FDIC building. Founders Hall is on the left.

    • 26 Apr 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Holiday Inn Arlington, 4610 N. Fairfax Dr., Arlington, VA 22203
    • 17

    What would happen if we focused on what is inherently right with people, instead of what is wrong? After more than 50 years of researching what is right with people, the Father of Strengths-based Psychology, Donald O. Clifton determined that the best way to unlock potential is through encouraging people to find and build upon their individual strengths daily. He found, that by affirming the strengths of yourself, and others, people are significantly more confident, engaged, connected, happy, and productive. Human capital is the worlds greatest asset, and truly incredible things are possible when individuals, teams, and organizations build upon their unique talents. This keynote will introduce the strategies for creating an environment where personal strengths are acknowledged, utilized, and cultivated. It will also address how the application of strengths improves individual, team, and organizational performance. Learn how to spark a strengths movement in your organization, and see talent and engagement flourish.

    Ancestry.com Founder, Paul Allen was once on a mission to connect you to your past. Now he is on a mission to connect you to a future where you know your strengths and get to use them every day, where using your innate talents brings you success and well-being and joy at work and in life. Renowned as the “Global Strengths Evangelist,” Paul helps individuals and organizations unlock their full potential.

    This event is brought to you by DC ATD, and the DC ATD Leadership Community of Practice.

    • 07 May 2018
    • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    • UVA Northern Virginia Center, 7054 Haycock Rd., Room 333, Falls Church, VA
    • 20

    “Beliefs separate us; values unite us.” Joe Weston, international consultant, lecturer, author, once said. But how do we know what our values truly are, and why do they matter? For coaches, consultants, facilitators, organization development specialists, etc., these questions are often at the heart of our conversations with clients who are working to achieve certain goals or to take their game to another level. What are “values” anyway? Is this just an esoteric question OR can “values” shed light on where to start and how to move forward? How do we know what our values are, how they show up, or why they are important to our successes in life? This interactive session is an introduction to Richard Barrett’s “values assessment” tools and the connection between values, needs, behaviors (including emotions), culture, and challenges in everyday life. Each participant will get their own “values assessment”, take a reflective dive into their own life experiences through the lens of values at work and play, and acquire a deeper framework through which to meet clients and support their development and well being.

    Presenters:  Willa Gaitanis (Executive and Somatic Coach, Leadership Development Trainer, ICF Accredited Coach Trainer and Mentor at the PCC (Profession Certified Coach)

    Prior to her retirement from NASA in 2013, Willa had worked for more than 2 decades with teams, organizations, and individuals. She is best known for having developed and managed NASA’s Internal Coaching Program thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in human development costs while simultaneously increasing access to coaching for middle/senior level leaders as well as for NASA’s Science and Engineering Project teams. Subsequently with a focus on the power of leadership to attract and retain the new generations, ensure creative/productive work environments, and boost customer satisfaction, Willa’s first endeavor after retiring from NASA was the creation of First Frontier Consulting, LLC, a company that specializes in building relationships for a better world. Her most recent accomplishment is the development of Leadership On The Fly® and Coaching On The Fly® (an ICF accredited coach training program).

    • 22 May 2018
    • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
    • Webcast

    ***This webcast is hosted by ATD (td.org), separate from Metro DC ATD chapter programming. Registration may require for you to create a free account with td.org, but not necessarily be an ATD member. ***

    Register at: http://webcasts.td.org/webinar/2663

    According to recent research by ATD, six in 10 organizations have a performance improvement process in place. However, these organizations have a variety of approaches—and only some are successful. In this webcast, we will discuss the state of performance improvement in organizations today. We will also share key findings from our performance improvement research and offer recommendations for a successful performance improvement process.

    You will learn:

    • the types of performance gaps organizations most frequently experience
    • what solutions have been rated most effective in closing performance gaps
    • the top performance consulting skills organizations most desire
    • the barriers organizations face during the performance improvement process.

    About the presenter:

    Shauna Robinson, Junior Research Analyst, ATD

    Shauna Robinson is a junior research analyst at the Association for Talent Development (ATD). Her previous positions at ATD include human capital specialist and communities of practice coordinator.

    Prior to working for ATD, Shauna was a senior editorial assistant at Wiley in San Francisco, California. Shauna received a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Berkeley.

    • 23 May 2018
    • 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • UVA Northern Va Center, 7054 Haycock Rd., Room 214, Falls Church, VA
    • 57

    You are focused on improving the performance, engagement and results of the teams, leaders and individuals you support. Interestingly, one of the common key indicators in measuring high performance is an affirmative answer to the question “At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every single day?” 95% of Strengths Strategy® clients report an increase in this key predictive indicator. Educating people on how to draw out and amplify the strengths in themselves and those they work with is critical to innovation, collaborative management, effective decision making, and more. When individuals know, understand, and use their strengths every day, it changes the entire landscape of their work, themselves, and their organizations. 

    Our speaker/facilitator for our May meeting will build on the amazing presentation by Paul Allen to ATD in April by focusing on strengths application to increase performance, engagement and results.

    In this special interactive 2-hour mini-workshop, you will experience and learn:

    • The four places from which everyone operates, why they go there and what results are created
    • The two keys to unlocking potential and performance in Interdependence
    • How to unleash the power of effective strengths use
    • How to mitigate weakness through strength
    • Real world application to your “stickiest” relationship and task
    • How to design a synergized team

    This is one session you will want to attend! (And bring your friends and colleagues too. They will be glad they came.)

    To maximize your learning, please bring the names of your top 5 strengths as identified by the Clifton Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessment. (It can be purchased at https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/product/en-us/10108/top-5-cliftonstrengths-access?category=featured-products )

    Our speaker, Lisa Gregory, also has a free gift for each attendee. This gift will help you measure and support teamwork, engagement, proactivity and Confident Vulnerability™ in your work. 

    Special thanks to our Community of Practice sponsors: C² Technologies, Inc.  and UVA's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.


    C² Technologies, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in performance improvement, dedicated to improving the effectiveness of productivity-driven organizations. We provide training, strategic human capital management, mission-critical support services, and information technology solutions to meet the specific needs of our civilian, defense, and private-industry clients. C²'s solutions are as diverse as our clients, giving us an opportunity to incorporate best practices from each industry into our services.


    Industry employers, as well as federal, state, and local agencies rely on the University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies to provide courses and credentials to advance the professional development of their employees.  Professional certificates and courses are offered online, in the classroom, and on site through custom training arrangements.

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22 May 2015 Free Agent CoP - Create Remarkable Video Using An IPhone
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14 May 2015 ATD Workshop: Optimizing LinkedIn for Career and Organizational Success
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28 Apr 2015 DC Chapter Mentoring Program
24 Apr 2015 Free Agent CoP: The Three Seeds You Should Plant for a Thriving Business
16 Apr 2015 April ATD Dinner Meeting - Visual Explanations: How to Describe and Clarify With Graphics
15 Apr 2015 DCATD April 2015 Webinar: Applying Coaching to Training and Instructional Design
09 Apr 2015 Leadership Development CoP: The Present Leader: The Impact of Being Here Now
03 Apr 2015 Career Connections: Resumes: What Works for Today?
03 Apr 2015 ATD Workshop: Team Discovery – Close the Interaction Gap and Increase Team Effectiveness
27 Mar 2015 Free Agent CoP: Do You Know Your Value?
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27 Feb 2015 Free Agent CoP: Five Truths Investors Need to Know
25 Feb 2015 CPLP Study Group for DC Chapter Members
19 Feb 2015 February Dinner Meeting: Getting to Kirkpatrick Levels 3 and 4: Creating Believable Value
18 Feb 2015 eLearning is broken - Agile Evaluation and the Feedback Loop
12 Feb 2015 Leadership Development CoP: A Candid Chat with DoD's Civilian Workforce Chief Learning Officer
06 Feb 2015 Career Connections: From Wantraprenuer to Entrepreneur ... Do YOU Have What It Takes to Chart Your Own Course?
23 Jan 2015 Free Agent CoP: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Being a Small Business Owner, but Didn’t Know Who to Ask
21 Jan 2015 January Dinner Meeting: Mentoring Programs
08 Jan 2015 Leadership Development CoP: Branding for Leaders
08 Jan 2015 Career Connections: Standing Out in Your Job Search
19 Dec 2014 Free Agent CoP: Cheers to Past and Future Success
11 Dec 2014 Leadership Development CoP: The Socially Responsible Leader
09 Dec 2014 Learning Technologies CoP: Tin Can - a Learning Technology Specification
05 Dec 2014 ELW How The Brain Processess
05 Dec 2014 Career Connections: Staying Motivated in Your Job Search
03 Dec 2014 ELW Measuring Impact
03 Dec 2014 ELW Lessons Learned in Performance Management
02 Dec 2014 ELW Vendor Selection and Management
01 Dec 2014 ELW Managing Learning Programs
01 Dec 2014 ELW How Do You Encourage Learning
21 Nov 2014 Free Agent CoP: What Is Legal Protection and Why It's Important for Your Small Business
20 Nov 2014 ATD Monthly Meeting this Thursday: Organizational Development
19 Nov 2014 New Member Orientation
19 Nov 2014 Webinar: Learning Management System State of Affairs by Craig Weiss
13 Nov 2014 Leadership Development CoP - Bounce Back: Building Resilience To See You Through
07 Nov 2014 Career Connections: Own It! Building Career Agility for Yourself
24 Oct 2014 Free Agent CoP: The Art of Partnership
23 Oct 2014 Webinar: Updated E-Learning Authoring Tools Comparison
22 Oct 2014 Icebreakers, Icebreakers, and More Icebreakers
09 Oct 2014 Tiny TED Talk Think-In: Develop Your Leadership Communication Skills
03 Oct 2014 Career Connections: "Salary Negotiation Tips and Best Practices"
30 Sep 2014 Webinar: Coaching 101
26 Sep 2014 Free Agent CoP: Rock Your Website
24 Sep 2014 Reimagining Learning Through Design Thinking
11 Sep 2014 Leadership Development CoP Meeting - Leadership Development Strategies for Performance-Driving Cultures
10 Sep 2014 Break into Fall with our First Networking Event of the Season!
05 Sep 2014 Career Connections: "Why Work with a Career Coach?”
20 Aug 2014 DC ASTD Learning Technologies Fair
20 Aug 2014 Webinar: Making Learning Stick
23 Jul 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Becoming More Employable or Promotable
23 Jul 2014 New Member Orientation
16 Jul 2014 Webinar:"Social Media Tools for Learning – Boot Camp" by Shannon Tipton
11 Jul 2014 Career Connections "Navigating a Successful Career Transition”
08 Jul 2014 Webinar: Top Design Techniques for Impactful Blended Learning Programs
27 Jun 2014 Free Agent CoP: How To Work with a Virtual Assistant… and Why You Should Want To
24 Jun 2014 Webinar: Top Design Techniques for Impactful Blended Learning Programs
18 Jun 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Assessment Instruments Sampler: EQ-i, SDI, and MBTI
17 Jun 2014 TechCoP: Review of Captivate 8 by eLearning Joe
11 Jun 2014 Leadership Development CoP Meeting - Work Hard, Play Hard to Boost Team Creativity and Motivation
06 Jun 2014 Career Connections Discussion Series - Career Portfolios: What Are They and Why Do I Need One?
23 May 2014 Free Agent CoP: Two Minute Feedback
22 May 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Visual Facilitation
21 May 2014 Webinar: Making Interactivity Count
13 May 2014 Learning Technologies CoP: CoP Brainstorming Session - Invigorate our community!
09 May 2014 Career Connections Discussion Series - Using Social Media in Your Job Search
08 May 2014 Leadership Development CoP Meeting: Action Learning for Leadership Development
07 May 2014 Workshop: The Bottom Line on ROI: How to Measure the ROI in Learning and Development, Performance Improvement and Human Resources
06 May 2014 Coaching SIG: Authentic Use of "Who"?
25 Apr 2014 Free Agent CoP: The Power of Information Products
23 Apr 2014 Webinar - A Practical Guide to Level 3 and Level 4 Evaluations
16 Apr 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Copyright Issues for Trainers
10 Apr 2014 Leadership Development CoP: Community Leaders Panel on Building Strong Communities
04 Apr 2014 Career Connections Discussion Series - Effective Networking Strategies
01 Apr 2014 Coaching SIG: Transform Your Relationship to Money for Financial Success
28 Mar 2014 Free Agent CoP: The Money is in the System
26 Mar 2014 Webinar - Mobile Learning: What You Need to Know
20 Mar 2014 Workshop: Demonstrate Value and Get Your "Seat at the Table"
19 Mar 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Making Sense Out of Evaluation Data
19 Mar 2014 New Member Orientation
13 Mar 2014 Leadership Development CoP: Creating a Culture of Rapid Learning and Improvement through Frequent Feedback
11 Mar 2014 ISD COP Happy hour and Network event
07 Mar 2014 NEW! Career Connections Discussion Series
04 Mar 2014 Coaching SIG: Successfully Connecting with Others - for Relationships and Business!
28 Feb 2014 Free Agent CoP: An Inspirational Vision Statement: What Is It And How Can I Create One?
27 Feb 2014 Leadership Development CoP: Strengths-based Leadership
20 Feb 2014 DC ASTD Monthly Meeting: Networking With Impact--Using Stories to Make You Memorable
14 Feb 2014 WEATHER CANCELATION - Silver Line Forum: 2014 Trends and Predictions
13 Feb 2014 Performance Support Systems: Moving Training into the Field - Where It Can Be Most Effective
07 Feb 2014 NEW! Career Connections Discussion Series
04 Feb 2014 Coaching SIG: Successfully Connecting with Others - for Relationships and Business!
29 Jan 2014 New Year Networking
17 Jan 2014 Free Agent CoP: Reaching New Heights in 2014
15 Jan 2014 DC ASTD Dinner Meeting: CLO Panel
15 Jan 2014 Designing for Clarity: Graphic Design Tips for Non-Graphic Designers
09 Jan 2014 Leadership Development CoP: Are You Game? Come Test Drive a New Leadership Development Game
07 Jan 2014 Coaching SIG: Coaching from a Health and Wellness Perspective
12 Dec 2013 Leadership Development CoP: End-of-Year Celebration
05 Dec 2013 Metro DC ASTD Holiday Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
03 Dec 2013 Coaching SIG: Coaching Parents and Coaching Youth – Two Types of Coaching
20 Nov 2013 Metro DC ASTD Chapter Meeting: Going out on Your Own
14 Nov 2013 Leadership Development CoP: Achieve Exceptional Results and Improve Relationships by Setting and Maintaining Boundaries with Others
14 Nov 2013 Workshop: Cinderella and the Art of Managing Training Projects
13 Nov 2013 Silver Line Forum: A Primer on Design Thinking
05 Nov 2013 Coaching SIG: How to Develop a Thriving Coaching Business
18 Oct 2013 Free Agent CoP: Using Speaking Engagements to Build Your Business
17 Oct 2013 Icebreakers, Icebreakers, and More Icebreakers
17 Oct 2013 New Member Orientation
10 Oct 2013 Leadership Development CoP: Mission-based Management: Lessons-Learned from the World of Non-Profits
09 Oct 2013 Silver Line Forum: The Hottest Topic in Education -- MOOCs
01 Oct 2013 Coaching SIG: Coaching Programs Showcase and Panel Discussion
27 Sep 2013 Free Agent CoP: Website Strategies
26 Sep 2013 Workshop: Performance Consulting Skills for Trainers
19 Sep 2013 Leadership Development CoP: Fueled for Followership: Your Ignition for Results
18 Sep 2013 Learning Technology Fair
11 Sep 2013 Silver Line Forum: Social and Mobile Learning
10 Sep 2013 Coaching SIG: An Introduction to Visual Journaling
22 Aug 2013 Workshop: E-Learning Uncovered - Adobe Captivate
25 Jul 2013 Workshop: E-Learning Uncovered: Articulate Storyline
19 Jul 2013 Webinar - The Principles of Intercultural Writing: Creating Content for Non-Native English Speakers
19 Jul 2013 Free Agent SIG: Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Training and Development Business
18 Jul 2013 Networking Happy Hour
11 Jul 2013 Learning Technologies SIG: HTML5 and mobile
10 Jul 2013 Career Advancement Mini-Conference: Get Ready To Snag That Great New Job or Promotion!
10 Jul 2013 Silver Line Forum: Designing for a Diverse Audience
13 Jun 2013 Leadership SIG: 1st Annual Leadership Development Community of Practice Networking event and Summer Social
05 Jun 2013 Silver Line Forum: Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Love 'em or Leave 'em
29 May 2013 Breakfast Session: Out of the Box: From Command & Control to Connect & Collaborate - Session Full!
23 May 2013 A Case Study: IFC's Global Social Collaboration Platform
17 May 2013 Free Agent SIG: Blogging to Share Your Expertise and Increase Your Visibility
09 May 2013 Leadership SIG: Gamification, Making Leadership Development fun and effective
09 May 2013 Networking: Happy Hour at Seasons 52 in Tysons
09 May 2013 Learning Technologies SIG: Living through Flash to iPad/HTML5 Conversion and Development
08 May 2013 Webinar: Facilitating in the Virtual Classroom
08 May 2013 Forum: Silver Line Peer Learning Forum Kick-Off Event
07 May 2013 Coaching SIG: The Power of Presence - Practical Approaches for Coaches
26 Apr 2013 Free Agent SIG: Certifications: Which Ones Are Right for Your Small Business?
25 Apr 2013 Dinner: 25 Things You Didn't Know PowerPoint Could Do
18 Apr 2013 Workshop: Winning Presentations - The Dos and Don'ts of Speaking Effectively To Any Audience
09 Apr 2013 Leadership SIG: An Appreciative Inquiry project; Transforming the Leadership Development SIG into a Community of Practice
02 Apr 2013 Coaching SIG: Matters of the Heart
21 Mar 2013 Dinner: Gamification of Learning
21 Mar 2013 Workshop: Demonstrate Value - 51 Tips for Level 1-4 Evaluations
15 Mar 2013 Free Agent SIG:Small Business Lessons Learned the Hard Way
14 Mar 2013 Leadership SIG: Leading Organizations to Excellence
14 Mar 2013 Learning Technologies SIG: Responsive E-Learning
12 Mar 2013 Webinar: Measuring Strategic, Visible, and Costly Learning Programs
21 Feb 2013 February Dinner: Powering Up- Mobilizing Yourself and Others
14 Feb 2013 Learning Technologies SIG: Top Trends in E-Learning
14 Feb 2013 February Workshop: Coaching Employees for Optimal Results
13 Feb 2013 Leadership SIG: Ask a Leader, Leadership Development Panel
07 Feb 2013 Networking Event: Circa at Clarendon
23 Jan 2013 CANCELLED: Dulles GIG: Collaborative Leadership - Effective Skills for Today’s Social World
17 Jan 2013 January Dinner: Going Global - Taking Your Training to Tahiti (or Tel Aviv)
10 Jan 2013 Leadership SIG: Appreciative Inquiry, building on what is going right!
10 Jan 2013 Learning Technologies SIG: New A/V Technology for Trainers
10 Jan 2013 January Workshop: How to Design Effective Training Programs
28 Dec 2012 Mentoring Partnership Program
13 Dec 2012 Leadership SIG: End-of-Year Celebration
10 Dec 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: Holiday Party
07 Dec 2012 Employee Learning Week: Employee Development on a Shoestring: Developing Talent Outside the Classroom
06 Dec 2012 Metro DC Holiday Dinner
06 Dec 2012 Employee Learning Week: Seven Emotions Every Employer Wants and Every Employee Needs
05 Dec 2012 Employee Learning Week: Taking Your Leadership to the “Next Level”
04 Dec 2012 Employee Learning Week: Unlock the 7 Powerful Thinking Styles in Your Team
03 Dec 2012 Employee Learning Week: Drive Change and Top-Notch Results by Strengthening Employee Motivation
16 Nov 2012 Free Agent SIG: Managing Cash Flow with QuickBooks, Quicken, and Excel
15 Nov 2012 Leadership SIG: Power Up Your Leadership Development with Accelerated Learning
13 Nov 2012 Professional Development: So you want to be a CPLP? (Information Session)
08 Nov 2012 November Dinner: educaTED: Learning Redefined
08 Nov 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: New A/V Technology for Trainers
19 Oct 2012 Free Agent SIG: Identifying the Real Cost of Your Services
18 Oct 2012 October Dinner: 12 Surprising Techniques to Improve Level 1 Evaluation
11 Oct 2012 Leadership SIG: Managing Different Generations
11 Oct 2012 OD Book SIG: The Tools: Transform Your Problems into Courage, Confidence, and Creativity
26 Sep 2012 Networking Event: Panache
25 Sep 2012 Dulles GIG: Engaging Employees Across Generations
21 Sep 2012 Free Agent SIG: "It's Going to Cost What?!"
20 Sep 2012 September Dinner: Facilitating Organizational Change – Releasing the Power of Paradigms
13 Sep 2012 Leadership SIG: Mastering Challenging Conversations
17 Aug 2012 Free Agent SIG: What's Your Elevator Speech?
09 Aug 2012 OD Book SIG: DARE – Attain Greatness Through Authenticity
20 Jul 2012 Free Agent SIG: Marketing to New Leads and Prospects
15 Jul 2012 September/November Members' CPLP Study Group
12 Jul 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: Authoring Tool - Articulate Storyline
28 Jun 2012 Webinar: Showcasing Your Expertise Without Bragging
21 Jun 2012 June Dinner: Improvisational Leadership – Buy-in and Morale on the Fly
15 Jun 2012 Free Agent SIG: Marketing to Existing Clients
14 Jun 2012 Leadership SIG: Summer Social and Planning for 2013
23 May 2012 May Workshop: Managing the Learning Function
17 May 2012 May Dinner: Make Your Contacts Count - Networking Know-How for Training Professionals
10 May 2012 Leadership SIG: Coaching Skills for Managers (Live or Webinar)
10 May 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: Yours, Mine & Ours: Copyright and Creative Commons in Education & Training
10 May 2012 OD SIG: Book Discussion Group “Roadmap to Success: America's Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies” by Sheila Haji
09 May 2012 Dulles Corridor Geographic Interest Group (GIG): NeuroLeadership: The Science of Creating Lasting Change
03 May 2012 Networking Event: Rustico
30 Apr 2012 Professional Development: So you want to be a CPLP? (Information Session)
20 Apr 2012 Free Agent SIG: Unleash Your Inner Author
19 Apr 2012 April Dinner: Low Cost Employee Development
12 Apr 2012 Leadership SIG: Measuring Leadership (Live or Webinar)
12 Apr 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: From SCORM to Project Tin Can: Supporting Future Learning Experiences
12 Apr 2012 OD SIG: Book Discussion Group “Leadership: Stories, Lessons and Uncommon Sense” by Ron Taylor
27 Mar 2012 March Workshop: How to Create and Use a Career Portfolio
16 Mar 2012 Free Agent SIG: Free and Inexpensive Resources for Your Consulting Practices
08 Mar 2012 Leadership Development SIG: Cutting-Edge Leadership Philosophies and Strategies
06 Mar 2012 March Dinner: What Everyone Must Know About Learning 2.0
29 Feb 2012 Networking Event: Gordon Biersch
23 Feb 2012 Federal SIG: Diversity Today, Being Inclusive Tomorrow
22 Feb 2012 ISD SIG: How to Measure Any Performance of Any Function at Any Level
17 Feb 2012 Free Agent SIG: Marketing "Failshare": What We Can Learn From Our Marketing Mis-Steps
16 Feb 2012 February Dinner Program: Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
16 Feb 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: Evaluating the Accessibility Options in Popular E-Learning Authoring Tools
09 Feb 2012 Leadership Development SIG: Resiliency and You!
08 Feb 2012 DULLES CORRIDOR Geographic Interest Group (GIG) - SPaDDIE: Working to Demystify Human Performance Improvement
26 Jan 2012 Federal SIG: Reasonable Accommodation in the Federal Workplace
24 Jan 2012 January Workshop: How to Design Effective Training Programs
19 Jan 2012 January Dinner Program: Cultural Intelligence for Global Learning Professionals Part 2
19 Jan 2012 Learning Technologies SIG: Going Global - Designing Online Courses for a Global Audience
12 Jan 2012 Leadership SIG: Unleashing your Organization Leader's Creativity
03 Jan 2012 Coaching SIG - Vocal Presence: The Essential Element in Leadership Presence
16 Dec 2011 Free Agent SIG: Newsletters - Strategic Marketing Tools or Annoying Waste of Time?
15 Dec 2011 Leadership SIG: Gifting in the Work Place
08 Dec 2011 December Dinner Program: Holiday Party
07 Dec 2011 December Chapter Webinar: Cultural Intelligence for Global Learning Professionals Part 1
06 Dec 2011 Coaching SIG - Using Appreciative Inquiry
18 Nov 2011 Free Agent SIG: 10 Tips for Presenting to C-Level Audiences
17 Nov 2011 Leadership Devlopment SIG Meeting
16 Nov 2011 November Chapter Webinar: Training Portfolios
11 Nov 2011 November Workshop: Social Media and Social Learning
10 Nov 2011 November Dinner Program: Mobile Learning 'To Go' with Clark Quinn, PhD
10 Nov 2011 Getting Content to Learners on the Cheap Using SharePoint
01 Nov 2011 Coaching SIG
27 Oct 2011 October Wine Tasting Event
27 Oct 2011 E-Learning Uncovered Series: Captivate 5.5
21 Oct 2011 Free Agent SIG: Technology Tools for Your Training Business
20 Oct 2011 October Dinner Program - Chief Learning Officer Panel: The Politics of Learning
13 Oct 2011 Addressing Challenges for Interagency Leadership
04 Oct 2011 Coaching SIG
23 Sep 2011 Free Agent SIG: to Measure Any Performance of Any Function at Any Level!
22 Sep 2011 September Networking Event
14 Sep 2011 ISD SIG: Designing Interactive Learning -- What's on the Menu?
08 Sep 2011 Leadership Development SIG: Leading One Person at a Time
08 Sep 2011 Estimating the Cost of eLearning Projects
06 Sep 2011 Coaching SIG: Break Through to Calm in Two Minutes or Less
29 Aug 2011 Learning Technology SIG: mLearning Workshop at the ADL
18 Aug 2011 Summer Learning Series: Troubleshooting in the Virtual Classroom
11 Aug 2011 E-Learning Uncovered Series: Lectora X
30 Jul 2011 Call for Presenters: Learning Solutions Showcase
23 Jul 2011 2011 Volunteer Picnic
21 Jul 2011 Summer Learning Series: Federal Telework Program - Virtual Concerns
21 Jul 2011 E-Learning Uncovered Series: Articulate Studio '09
15 Jul 2011 Free Agent SIG: Writing Effective Proposals
14 Jul 2011 Learning Technology and ISD SIGs: Engaging Virtual Classrooms
30 Jun 2011 Federal SIG: Compstat and the Future of Performance Analytics in the Federal Government
23 Jun 2011 Summer Learning Series: Uniting the Virtual Workforce
17 Jun 2011 Free Agent SIG: Growing Ourselves, Not Just the Business
15 Jun 2011 Networking Event
15 Jun 2011 Instructional Design: Designing for Mobile Device Users
09 Jun 2011 Leadership SIG: Developing Our Leaders through Performance Management
09 Jun 2011 Technology SIG: The Secrets of Creating e-Learning with Adobe Acrobat
09 Jun 2011 OD SIG: "Boundary Spanning Leadership: Six Practices for Solving Problems, Driving Innovation, and Transforming Organizations”
25 May 2011 Federal SIG: Addressing Stress in the Workplace and Your Personal Life Through Fitness and Wellness
20 May 2011 Learning Innovations in Project Management Training
20 May 2011 Free Agent SIG: Self-Publishing Discovering Your Inner Author
19 May 2011 May Dinner Program: Rethinking Organization Culture and Implications for Performance
19 May 2011 Technology SIG: Social Media for Trainers
18 May 2011 Young Professionals SIG: YP Group Book Discussion--The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures by Dan Roam
18 May 2011 ISD SIG: That Sucking Sound is ISD Budgets Shifting from HR Control - Here's Why It Matters
17 May 2011 Diversity SIG: Celebrating Multiculturalism - One Morsel at a Time!
12 May 2011 Leadership SIG: Leadership vs. Management - What's the difference...Does it matter?
03 May 2011 Coaching SIG: Keeping Your Cool Under Stressful Conditions
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