Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 10 Free Agent CoP Meeting: The Necessity of Partnerships
Jan 12 Leadership Development CoP: 2017 Predictions Potluck
Jan 13 Career Connections: Using LinkedIn to Expand Your Professional Network
Feb 07 Anxiety and the Free Agent: Your Role in an Uncertain Environment
Feb 10 Career Connections: Find Your Fit! Practical Advice for Improving Job Satisfaction
Feb 15 February Monthly Webinar - Updated E-Learning Authoring Tools Comparison
Feb 22 Government CoP February 2017 Virtual Meeting
Feb 22 February Dinner Program: Onboarding and Supporting Leaders
Feb 28 Instructional Design CoP - User Design: Designing Instruction With (Not For) Others
Mar 10 Career Connections March Webinar: Values Are Who We Are
Mar 14 The Free Agent and Online Marketing: How to Get More Traffic on a Limited Budget
Mar 15 March Monthly Webinar - Using Budget Cuts to Further Your Career in Talent Development
Mar 22 Metro DC ATD March Dinner Program - A Two Way Street: Leading Instructional Designers
Mar 30 “Spring into Action” Networking Evening
Apr 10 Metro DC Chapter ATD Mentoring Program
Apr 11 The Free Agent’s Guide to the Effective Use of Influence
Apr 14 Career Connections - Find Your Future: Make It Happen
Apr 19 April Monthly Webinar - This is Learning Experience Design
Apr 20 Leadership Development CoP: Envisioning a Center for Talent Development with DoD's Chief Learning Officer
Apr 25 Challenge Accepted: Microlearning Design
Apr 26 Metro DC ATD April Dinner Program - Understanding and Influencing the Future of Learning
May 09 The Free Agent and Networking: How to Make the Most of Your Networking Opportunities
May 11 Leadership Development CoP: Conscious Leadership
May 12 Career Connections - Unlocking the Secrets of Online Job Applications and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)
Jun 08 Leadership Development CoP: Lessons in Levity
Jun 09 Career Connections - 7 Steps to Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Career
Jun 12 Coaching CoP - Exploring the ATD Coaching Competencies
Jun 13 Metro DC Chapter Free Agent CoP: It’s Sales, Not Rocket Science! Sales Tactics Made Easy
Jun 21 June Monthly Webinar - Talent Management Service Delivery: Moving HR from a Cost to a Value Center
Jun 22 Government CoP: Social Learning in Government Training
Jun 27 Instructional Design CoP: Creative Design Challenge - Using Think Like a Genius To Unlock Your Inner Designer
Jun 28 Metro DC ATD June Dinner Program - 25 Things You Didn't Know PowerPoint Could Do
Jul 10 Coaching CoP - Implementing a Successful Coaching Program
Jul 11 Metro DC ATD July Workshop - Learn to make the most of every interaction through the Emergenetics experience!
Jul 14 Career Connections: How Mastering Soft Skills and Networking Advances Your Career Success
Jul 19 July Monthly Webinar - New Methods to Internally Market Your Training
Jul 19 "Meet the Board" July Networking Evening
Jul 20 Government CoP: ROI by Design: Connecting Learning Programs to Business Outcomes
Jul 25 Instructional Design CoP: “I need to evaluate a training intervention. Where do I start?”
Jul 27 Metro DC ATD July Dinner Program - Military Generals, Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence
Aug 11 Metro DC Chapter Career Connections: How Having True Conversations Can Propel Your Career in the Right Direction!
Aug 16 August Monthly Webinar - Examples and Strategies for Meaningful Microlearning
Aug 23 Metro DC ATD August Dinner Program: How to Make Dry Content POP!
Aug 29 Instructional Design CoP: Challenge Accepted: Design your Evaluation Plan
Sep 08 Metro DC Chapter Career Connections: It Starts with You: Accountability Strategies that Boost Your Performance
Sep 11 Coaching CoP - Coaching Tools, Techniques and Assessments
Sep 12 Metro DC Chapter ATD Free Agent CoP: Personal Branding for the Free Agent
Sep 14 Leadership Development CoP: Exploring the Current State of LD
Sep 20 Metro DC Chapter Monthly Webinar: Extend Your Influence By Re-Packaging Your Talent
Sep 21 Government CoP: Introduction to Human Performance Technology
Sep 26 Instructional Design CoP: Turning Nightmares into Fairy-tales: Working with Difficult SMEs
Oct 10 Metro DC Chapter ATD Free Agent CoP: How to Boost Your Engagements Using LinkedIn
Oct 12 Coaching and Leadership Development CoPs: Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership Development
Oct 18 October Webinar: Crucial Conversations -Tools for Talking When Stakes are High
Oct 18 Metro DC Chapter ATD Fall Networking Event
Oct 25 Metro DC ATD October Dinner Program: CANCELLED
Nov 09 Leadership Development CoP: Become a Radical Learning Revolutionary
Nov 14 Free Agent CoP: Websites, Blogging, Videos, SEO… Oh My!?!?
Nov 15 November Monthly Webinar: Mobilizing Learning - CANCELLED
Nov 30 Metro DC Annual Meeting and Dinner Program
Dec 04 Metro DC Chapter ATD: Coaching and Government CoPs Trends and Technologies
Dec 05 Metro DC Chapter ATD: Leadership Development and Free Agents CoPs Trends and Technologies
Dec 06 Metro DC Chapter ATD: Instructional Design and Career Connections CoPs Trends and Technologies
Dec 07 Metro DC Chapter ATD - 2017 Employee Learning Week "Sharpen the Saw"
Dec 12 Free Agent CoP: 2017 Celebration Potluck – Yes, And… 2017 is a Wrap!
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