Member Testimonials

“I’ve been a member of ATD off and on for years but haven’t been part of a local chapter since the early 90s.  So far I’ve participated in 3 or 4 activities and have found my fellow members to be extremely friendly and welcoming and I have gotten a lot of value out of the programs offered and the connections I’ve made.  I value ATD national for its resources, but so far I’m finding Metro DC ATD a much better place for making connections.”

Carol Abel, Food Marketing Institute

Member since 2011

“I love being a member of DC ATD and the things I’ve gotten out of it are meeting people who can influence and direct your career development, networking opportunities that will grow your business or take your career to the next level, and experiential learning in areas that are inside of your main career area, around your career area and outside of your career area, but still part of the industry that can help you to grow!”

Gina McDaniel, Oceanid Productions

Member since 2011

“I’ve been a member for many, many years, so many I don’t know how long.  I think that with the Metro DC ATD membership, anyone in the area of learning and development is going to grow and build yourself, not only personally, but professionally.  The various classes, webinars, and connections – all of that makes the membership well worth the investment.”

Karen Mack, Karen Mack Management Consultants, LLC

Member since 2011

“I’ve had a great experience in my almost one year of being with Metro DC ATD.  I’m part of the Mentoring Program so that’s been a tremendous value in terms of networking, skill development, and career path strategy.  I’m meeting wonderful people who are willing to connect with you and help you figure out what the next step might be and how you can collaborate.  There’s a lot of intrinsic value, but there’s also some real quantifiable value in terms of professional development.”

Leighton Haynes, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Member since 2014

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