Metro DC Chapter Coaching CoP - Values: Meeting People Where They are for Greater Well Being

  • 07 May 2018
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • UVA Northern Virginia Center, 7054 Haycock Rd., Room 333, Falls Church, VA
  • 20



“Beliefs separate us; values unite us.” Joe Weston, international consultant, lecturer, author, once said. But how do we know what our values truly are, and why do they matter? For coaches, consultants, facilitators, organization development specialists, etc., these questions are often at the heart of our conversations with clients who are working to achieve certain goals or to take their game to another level. What are “values” anyway? Is this just an esoteric question OR can “values” shed light on where to start and how to move forward? How do we know what our values are, how they show up, or why they are important to our successes in life? This interactive session is an introduction to Richard Barrett’s “values assessment” tools and the connection between values, needs, behaviors (including emotions), culture, and challenges in everyday life. Each participant will get their own “values assessment”, take a reflective dive into their own life experiences through the lens of values at work and play, and acquire a deeper framework through which to meet clients and support their development and well being.

Presenters:  Willa Gaitanis (Executive and Somatic Coach, Leadership Development Trainer, ICF Accredited Coach Trainer and Mentor at the PCC (Profession Certified Coach)

Prior to her retirement from NASA in 2013, Willa had worked for more than 2 decades with teams, organizations, and individuals. She is best known for having developed and managed NASA’s Internal Coaching Program thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in human development costs while simultaneously increasing access to coaching for middle/senior level leaders as well as for NASA’s Science and Engineering Project teams. Subsequently with a focus on the power of leadership to attract and retain the new generations, ensure creative/productive work environments, and boost customer satisfaction, Willa’s first endeavor after retiring from NASA was the creation of First Frontier Consulting, LLC, a company that specializes in building relationships for a better world. Her most recent accomplishment is the development of Leadership On The Fly® and Coaching On The Fly® (an ICF accredited coach training program).

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