Who We Are
We are a community of impassioned thought leaders co-creating the future of leadership development.

What We Believe                                                                           Leaders see the future and mobilize the forces to take us there. Where there is a lack of leadership, people flounder and fail. Where there is strong leadership, communities thrive and amazing things are achieved. Read more...Now more than ever, we need strong leaders willing to navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex and volatile world. Our schools need leaders; our communities need leaders; our government, our corporations, our institutions need leaders to develop and sustain them. And these leaders need us to give them the resources, skills, knowledge, and support to initiate their visions, overcome the hurdles, navigate the turbulence, and accomplish their goals. We believe through active discourse and experimentation, we can discover new ways of helping all leaders prepare for today’s and tomorrow’s leadership challenges.

How You Fit In

Whether you are new to leadership development or a seasoned professional, there is a role and unlimited opportunity for you in our community.

  • Read up on the latest trends, theory, and best practices on our LinkedIn account.
  • Start a discussions or share your thoughts and resources on our community connection page.
  • Connect to thought leaders and like-minded professionals on Twitter.
  • Come to our meetings to discuss what it all means and try out new approaches. Work with others to launch experiments and projects to further enrich our community.

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