Meet Adelle!

I am the Owner of Dantzler Solutions and a Federal Trainer and Coach. I also lead the Government CoP for DC ATD. I bring more than 25 years of experience working in the learning and development field with federal agencies, contractors, and Fortune 100 companies. As a business owner and a Mom of two adorable beagle pups, my days are full of interesting work, content updates, and walks throughout my day.

My Day

6:35 AM: Morning Begins

I start my day after hitting the snooze a few times on my phone. The snooze button is definitely tempting! Once I get up, I look forward to the next part of my day spending time with my two dogs.

6:45 AM: We Know Our Routine!

These beagle pups know their routine. They help me start my day by romping and sniffing around the backyard. After enjoying some time outside, the pups enjoy their morning meal and water. They're pictured above eagerly awaiting their post-meal dental bone.

7:00 AM: Social Media and Email Updates

After breakfast, I begin to review emails and social media for my business accounts. As a career coach and federal training consultant, I manage two websites for jobseekers: DCS Learn. I also check out my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

7:30 AM: Ready for the Day

Now that things are more virtually based, I make sure that I am "camera ready" for the day ahead. Depending on the day, I may find myself on Zoom, Teams, or Skype Calls with Clients. I also make time to take the beagle pups on a 2-mile walk. After our walk, the dogs spend the rest of the day sleeping while I work. It must be nice to have a dog's life!

12:00 PM: Freelance Career Coaching Orientation

Each of my days can look so different as a career coach. During this particular day I had the opportunity to attend a freelance career coaching orientation. It is such a privilege to help those in need find opportunities in the DC area.

12:45 PM: I'm An Author

I receive a call from the person doing the print layout of my first book. They ask me what color I would like to make the spine of my book. I choose orange for the spine. In less than 2 weeks I will have physical copies of my book, entitled, Competencies that Catapult Careers: 100 Strategies to Lead Change." This book is now available for pre-order on my website: DCS Learn

1:00 PM: Lunch Time

During my lunch, I enjoy cooking lots of different things. On this day, I made a large southwestern salad with corn, crema, and chipotle. I love adding some cayenne pepper as a balance to the crema and the cheese.  Also, during lunch I quickly check and reply to my email as well as social media.

4:45 PM: Preparing for Virtual Instruction

Next on my list is connecting with members of my team the old-fashioned way (over the phone). We make time to discuss the schedule, strategies, and tips that we will use for our client the following Monday. 

5:15 PM: Snack Time

After finishing up late afternoon calls, it's time to let the beagle pups out in the yard. While they play in the yard, I work on baking a delicious apple crisp. When the pups come inside, I give them a 1/2 cup of food and they relax.

7:00 PM: Evening Work

After the walk, I take time to check my social media, email, and calendly. Clients can set up a FREE consultation with me through my calendly. It looks like I don't have any new calendly sign-ups for the evening.  I refresh my tea and work on career services deliverables (i.e., resume edits, follow-up with client turnarounds, class proposals, etc.) for a few more hours before returning upstairs to get my pups and me ready for bed. It has been a productive day!

My work is always changing. I am invigorated by the opportunity to try new things (like write my first book) and to continue to prepare job seekers for the government workforce. Being connecting with fellow TD professionals, has provided me with so many opportunities to identify unique solutions. As the 2018 Director of Professional Development and the 2020 Director of the CoP for Government, I value the opportunities to learn from others. If we aren't already connected, let's do so on LinkedIn.

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