Get to Know Cheryl

1. What motivated you to join the Metro DC ATD Chapter?

I joined the local chapter of ATD over 10 years ago. I joined in order to learn more about learning from people that I could associate with on a regular basis. I enjoy interacting on a personal level and promoting quality learning in my community.

2. What do you currently do within the Talent and Development field?

I am currently working with a major university on a high-quality learning program to assist intercity youth develop better eating habits. I am also working with people in rural Virginia to get broadband to their homes to enable students to access their schoolwork. I also served as a mentor in the Metro DC ATD chapter's mentor program a few years ago.

3. Which Metro DC ATD program or event would you recommend to members and why?

I would definitely recommend the mentoring program. It allows newcomers to the field of learning to learn, on a personal basis, from those with more experience.

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