Get to Know Julie

1. What motivated you to join the Metro DC ATD Chapter?

I do voiceover for eLearning and joined Metro DC ATD to network with local instructional design/eLearning professionals and to learn more about the industry.

2. What do you currently do within the Talent and Development field?

II love doing voiceover for eLearning, because I get to learn something new with each project! Over the last few months, I've enjoyed volunteering with Metro DC ATD - doing the podcast was so fun, and it's rewarding to be on the team putting on the chapter's virtual conferences.

3. Which Metro DC ATD program or event would you recommend to members and why?

I recommend any of the virtual events - Metro DC ATD has done an amazing job of putting on a variety of quality virtual programs over the last year, and it's been a great way to connect with people when in-person interaction has been so limited. I'm definitely looking forward to having live events again, though!

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