Get to Know Latoya

1. What motivated you to join the Metro DC ATD Chapter?

I'm actually living my "second-life" in the DC area! I lived here from 1999 to 2004, after graduating from college in Pittsburgh. After my first life here, I lived in different cities around the US before relocating back to Arlington in 2014. And, during a training/networking event that I attended after my return, I saw some research from ASTD cited on a slide. And, that reference made me remember that I was a member of ASTD way back in 2002. After that event, I found ATD (formerly ASTD) online and became a member.

2. What do you currently do within the Talent and Development field?

Strategic communication, design, and technology skills are the core components of my professional expertise. Facilitating training and creating training documentation related to different technology applications was a core part of my work at the beginning of my career. Then, I worked as a technology consultant, social media marketing manager, and content marketing manager for about 10 years, before being hired for my current role. Now, I manage the in-person and on-demand/e-learning training program for a non-profit. I train our staff in multiple regions across the US on how to get the most out of the technology applications that our organization uses.

While in this role, I've completed a few ATD certifications. I completed the ATD Master Instructional Designer Program just a few weeks before the pandemic. And, the framework that I got from that course allowed me to respond quickly, skillfully, and with increased confidence to the influx of new and custom training requests that our department received.

3. Which Metro DC ATD program or event would you recommend to members and why?

I've loved attending the Chapter's dinner programs. And, I look forward to attending them again after in-person events are possible. The first dinner program that I attended included a speaker who talked about Gallup Strengths. And, during that event, I felt like I had found one of my "tribes." It's the best thing ever to connect and build relationships with other professionals who love to learn and who are dedicated to helping others grow and develop too! I've also enjoyed volunteering at/attending the ATD Chapter Leaders Conference. I connected with TD professionals from all over the country during that event.

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