Meet Selin!

Hi there! My name is Selin McCurdy and this year I took on the role of Director of Professional Development for the Metro DC ATD Chapter. In this role, I get to work with passionate and smart leaders on co-leading the CPTD certification study groups with the Ann Arbor ATD Chapter, co-facilitating the mentoring program and contributing to the Chapter’s virtual conferences. I also love my day job where I work as a Senior Instructional Designer and support trainings and leadership development programs for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

I get motivated by trying to make work life more productive and happier for my co-workers and clients by leading self-care activities for my organization. I co-chair my organization's wellbeing group and am grateful to the group of people who are part of this initiative as we work together to bring a sense of purpose and connection and mental and physical well-being to our colleagues.

I should note that I don’t tend to have a typical day. My life probably like many others can be unpredictable, fun and surprising. If I were to merge the week together I think I would see something like the below.

My Day

5:45 AM: Mindfulness

I get out of bed and throw myself into the shower and wake up. The first thing I try to do after I have my senses intact is my Qi Gong practice for 7 minutes. This practice gives me mental clarity, body stretching and the sense of peace and calm I need before starting my day. After my 7-minute practice, I eagerly make my coffee and look at my calendar and review the meetings I have for the day. During this time, I also see if there are any meetings that don’t require me to be in front of the computer so that I can consider taking them by phone and not stare at the screen. Before waking up my daughter, I take time to start or finish my writing projects. I find that I write best in the morning.

7:45 AM: Breakfast

I wake my daughter up and eat breakfast with her while we talk about what we are looking forward to in the day. I try to do an exercise with her on listing what we are grateful for, what each of us will focus on, and what we want to let go of for the day. Sometimes this goes super well and other times it's a big flop.

8:30 AM: Coaching Time

I work with approximately 5-6 different teams on preparing and delivering training and I spend my day having meetings with these groups. I work with them on writing the curriculum or coaching them to get them ready for training delivery.

12:00 PM: Power Up

If it’s possible, I try to go for a walk outside and listen to my audiobook. Right now, I am listening to Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. A book that I can’t recommend enough on how to be a leader that uplifts those around you.

Depending on the week, I may be caught in a Metro DC ATD Chapter lunch event or another Chapter’s lunch event. On a Monday you would find me meeting with my Working Out Loud Circle (peer coaching group program that helps you build relationships that help you achieve a goal, develop a skill, or explore a new topic) where we support one another in achieving our professional goals.

1:00 PM: Check-In

Continue with client meetings and make a point of doing a check-in with myself where I ask myself the following questions: Am I holding my breath while working? Am I feeling tense in my shoulders? Am I feeling agitated? Generally, the answers to these questions are yes, so I take a few minutes to step away from my desk and sit somewhere quiet and take deep breaths for a couple of minutes.

5:00 PM: Multi-Tasking Time

Pick up my daughter from school and take her to soccer practice. I use this time to have calls for the work I do with Metro DC ATD (networking with other Chapter members) or I sit in my car using my personal hotspot and reach out to Talent Development leaders to either speak to the CPTD study group or do research on activities we can support as a Chapter.

9:00 PM: Journaling

After my daughter has fallen asleep, I take out my journal and write at least three things I am grateful for from my day. I look forward to this and really believe that this makes me a happier person. After I write in my journal, I read a fiction book that generally puts me right to sleep with the book loosely left in my drooping hands.

Some days are better than others. No one day is perfect, but regardless of how the day is progressing, I do make an effort to focus on the positive and learn from the challenging situations I experience. I have found that attitude and mindset are key to making my days feel fulfilled and productive.

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