Ah, the new year has finally arrived! And as we have seen, the past couple of years have proven to be nothing short of surprising. If anything, this should remind us that change is everlasting, and we must be prepared for all that it brings. In this new year, it has become even more important for professionals to ensure they are readying themselves for the future and gracefully able to adapt to change. The great news is, we have plenty of options and ought to think of ways we can take advantage of them so that this year ends on a good note, professionally.

We agree: professionals in the Talent Development industry are now more relevant than ever. And, as the value of our profession has increased, we must remain at its forefront. How do we do this? By maintaining our level of education and knowledge to contribute to the standards of our profession’s new demands.

With this in mind, it is essential to avail ourselves of all the opportunities we can leverage for remaining professionally relevant. How else would we influence our industry? We can contribute to elevating our field, promoting its engagement, and adding value, all while staying grounded.

And doing so thoughtfully by taking on available opportunities strategically demonstrates our commitment to our work and impacts the reputation and brand of our profession. That helps us prepare for development initiatives and new and exciting projects in the corporate and adult learning marketplace. It also evokes a renewed interest in how professionals can bridge the gap from where they are now to where they prefer to be as they evolve in their careers. This is important as it will help expand the mind in coming up with new opportunities and creative ideas to help the people we serve professionally. In addition, this is a great way to maintain credibility.

So, now that you are equipped with this knowledge reminder, how will you choose to remain relevant for the sake of our industry?

Meet the Author

Laëtitia Gnago, Chapter 2022 President-Elect, is the founder of Aligned Corporate Experiences. She is a Talent Experience Enhancement Strategist, Alignment Success Architect, Thought Leader, Author, and Podcaster. She teaches strategic thinking acumen via the skill of Alignment as a competency through her platform: Alignment University.

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