Vice President of Membership and Outreach

Reports to: President

Purpose: Oversee strategy for recruitment and retention of chapter members and organizational partners

Term: 1 year

Time Commitment: 20-25 hours per month


  • Lead, support, and back up the Membership & Outreach Team
  • Develop and execute strategy to recruit new members for the Chapter and retain current members.
  • Manage the percentage of joint Chapter and National ATD members, as defined by CARE requirements, and develop strategy to address, as necessary.
  • Provide monthly reports to Board of membership activity, including new, renewed, joint and expired memberships.
  • Develop new products/services to enhance the value of membership for both prospective and existing members.
  • Determine requirements for any promotional or informational membership material and coordinate with the appropriate portfolio to get it produced.
  • Lead engagement with ATD National when ICE conference in DC

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience with databases is strongly recommended

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