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A Day In The Life of A Talent Development Professional

Laëtitia Gnago

Meet Laëtitia

Hey there! My name is Laëtitia Gnago and I serve as the Metro DC Chapter's Vice President of Learning. I am responsible for the strategic development and deployment of Chapter learning opportunities as well as mentoring the Learning team, which comprises 6 Learning team leaders. I am also one of the founding co-host of our Beltway Broadcast Podcast. Working with Metro DC ATD is a privilege.

Outside of volunteering my time on behalf of the Chapter, I focus on the company I founded: Aligned Corporate Experiences (ACE) ♠️. I am its Founder, and current Chairwoman & CEO. ACE’s mission is to create a culture of alignment among professionals in efforts to help elevate their mindsets, so they can reach the levels of success they desire, operate as the best version of themselves and own their experiences as healthy corporate citizens. My expertise is Alignment. I teach professionals Alignment, Success Strategies and Strategic Thinking Acumen through my learning institution: Alignment University. I created our most popular courses: the Alignment Masterclass, and its advanced level course: Alignment Skills Mastery. I also wrote an amazing book: Ace Your Professional Journey, the Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm; where I share a process of transformation for anyone wanting to experience their careers on their terms, instead of going through their career paths by default, like the rest of the professional world. Its sequel is “Master Your Alignment”, which will be available late in the year.

 Tennis Shoes Photo
5:30 AM


When it's cold outside, I take a quick shower to warm up before heading out for my morning run, then shower again when I get back. If it's too cold, I use my gym. Running is something I've adopted several years ago; which I do to feel good and to help my brain to function well, more than anything else!

 Starbucks Strawberry Refresher Photo
6:45 AM


I tell myself that I can not survive without breakfast, and my guilty pleasure: A "Tall" Strawberry Açaí Lemonade Refresher from Starbucks. When it's not available, my back-up go-to is the Mango Dragonfruit Refresher. My happy mood is officially on for the day! Laetitia means Joy/Gladness/Happiness in French; which is derived from Latin. So it only fits!
 TD Professional Working Photo
7:30 AM

  Work Projects  

For the next few hours, I start new projects and work on details that need my undivided attention. I make it a point to limit all distractions. I am a morning person so I do my best work early in the day. I always tell my team, if you want to get the most out of me, catch me in the morning! This is a great time for me to create processes, come up with new course content, lock-in latest resources for my clients, write a couple of articles for my blog or strategize a new social media plan for my company and signature programs. This is when I do my best work. Because I am passionate about my offerings, I tend to be productive and feel rewarded when I see my projects come to fruition. I get to "geek-out" all on my own!
 Healthy Meal Photo
12:00 PM


I am very structured and actually try to eat at Noon, whenever I can. I prefer home-cooked meals but will eat anything. I am a foodie and I'm pretty flexible when it comes to trying new and interesting dishes, especially desserts! If I have time, I will walk the food off for a few minutes.
 Preparing for Meetings Photo
1:00 PM

   Client Meetings  

I tend to set up meetings in the afternoon, after I've had a chance to prepare myself. This is the time for decision-making and implementing ideas I've worked through in the morning. I also perform research and conduct (virtual) sessions or meetings with (new) clients during this time.
 Break Time Photo
3:30 PM

   Break & snack time   

I need a break! If I can take a catnap, I do so but I usually find that my brain is too active for me to truly make the most of it. Ideally I actually leave my house, even if it's to take a 5-minute walk. Being in nature refuels me. The key for me is to change my environment altogether. I find that it helps me come up with new and fresh ideas upon my return. My creativity tends to increase afterwards.
 Review Tasks Photo
4:00 PM

   Daily Work Review   

I use this time for a couple of things: (1) To review outstanding items and set up for the next few hours or for the next day (2) To show appreciation - to my team, my colleagues, or to people in my personal life and just as importantly to myself for "acing another day on this planet!" ♠️ .
Pizza Photo
4:30 PM


My mate and I eat dinner together when we can. When we can't I indulge in whatever I fancy! At times, I take on a (virtual) quick workout session.
 Sitting at Desk Photo
5:30 PM

   Metro DC ATD Time  

At this time, I turn on my Vice President of Learning hat and become the leader I know the Association for Talent Development expects of me. Our Chapter has the ability to impact our membership in some amazing ways. I either attend meetings, lead my team or get to work. I take this role very seriously and do the best I can to be available to those who give their time and effort on behalf of the Chapter. And the best part is, this does not feel like work because I am passionate about what we do and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute. Developing leaders is one of my best skills and I get to do so in this capacity. I am able to function well until about 8:00-8:30PM. After that time, my amazing Learning Team and Board colleagues know they won't get much out of me so I make sure to stop officially "thinking" at about 8:30PM or so.
 Pamper Time Photo
8:30 PM

   Pamper Time   

I check-in with family and/or friends for some fun chats, but not every single day. Whenever possible I take a bath and spend time doing things for my well-being, or read a career-altering book, like Ace Your Professional Journey, the Ace Your Professional Journey, the Ace Mindset Alignment Paradigm or a personal development book like “Master Your Alignment”! Other times, I have found myself falling asleep, then waking up a few hours in. If my mate is around, it's fun-time and relaxing-time. Often, I head back to my desk because I remember something that I will need for the next day. But when that happens, I give myself a stop time.
 Rest Time Photo
10:00 PM


By 10:00PM I am getting my beauty asleep, and mentally ready myself to do this again another day!
 Closing Photo
That's it! This is how many of my days look like but of course no two days are the same! If you have any questions about the kind of work I do, feel free to check our ACE ♠️. Otherwise, I leave you with this: "Maintaining Alignment is a Powerful Place To Be". To learn more about this mindset approach and the thought processes I teach, reach out! Volunteering with the Metro DC Chapter as its Vice President of Learning and Podcaster enhances my professional experiences and provides me with a great community. I truly enjoy serving on the Board!

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