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A Day In The Life of A Talent Development Professional

Maurine Kwende

Meet Maurine

I am Maurine Kwende, I am transitioning to serve as the lead of the Independent Consultant community of practice here at Metro DC ATD metro starting November. I was a volunteer for the chapter during the 2019 ATD Ice Conference. I have been a member of Metro DC ATD since 2012 and consider ATD as home to me for all things L&D. Prior to joining Metro DC ATD, I was a member at ATD Tallahassee Florida for years where I volunteered in various capacity including board member, VP communications, acting VP Professional Development, president elect, president and past president.

Outside ATD, I have a family, I am married to a fire man with two small kids. I am the CEO and Founder of EMK Learning Solutions LLC where I take pride in serving clients with custom eLearning, training, strategic planning, leadership facilitation workshops coaching and public speaking. I am a certified speaker, career and leadership coach and consultant. I just launched a leadership institute where I empower women and girls to fulfill and exceed their maximum potential through group coaching and workshops. EMK Learning Solutions LLC takes pride in adding value, living and leading boldly with authenticity and purpose. I am also the host of the “Empowerment Minutes” podcast, a podcast for L&D, leadership and coaching. I’m close to wrapping up my PhD in Learning Technologies Design Research from George Mason University by December 2022. Outside work, family and school, I love to volunteer and give back to my community and passionate about service and adding value to others.

4:00 AM

   Wake Up   

My day starts early each day at 4:00am daily. When my alarm goes off, I jump out of bed and go to my home office downstairs, get a glass of lukewarm water and start my day in my pajamas☺. I’m a morning person and at this time, my brain is razor sharp and I do most of my productive work in a quiet uninterrupted space when my kids are fast are sleep and I can really focus and get the work done. I login toon my computer and check emails and look at the list of goals I wrote the previous day and add or subtract from it. I start working on client projects which could include any of my services.

07:00 AM


At 7am, I then take a break from working and change into my workout clothes. I workout in my living room for 30-40 mns. I do bootcamp, HIIT, upper body lower body exercises. I also love the jump rope and using weights. I do workout 5-6 days a week and get my heart rate going. I use Sydney Cummings videos on YouTube to workout.

7:45 AM

  Kids Time  

I commit my day in prayer and start getting my kids ready for school. I drop them off between 8:05 and 8:15 and come back home and just catch my breath.

8:30 AM


I make myself a cup of black tea and add some milk and brown sugar. I can’t do without my cup of tea. I make a healthy breakfast which is usually a veggie omelet and a slice of toast with some avocado. I have breakfast alone or with hubby if he is home. I try to eat healthy as much as I can.

09:00 AM
  Work Zone 

After breakfast, with the kids out of the house and hubby at work or at home, I get into a work zone. I resume working on client projects and just keep going. I am most productive in the mornings and I give my clients undivided attention. I work best without noises and in this quiet productive time I also always have a note pad on hand to note down any creative ideas that come to mind that and I share with my the clients. Everyone that I work with always tell me I have good ideas and I am always ready to be a sounding board. This has helped my clients with new ideas and perspectives that might contribute towards the projects or for future reference. My word is my bond and I take pride in my work. I am most fulfilled when I turn in work and I am proud of and the client is satisfied. EMK Learning Solutions LLC is a value driven company. We serve our clients and ensure they are valued and get the best value for the work and relationships.


1:00 PM

  Lunch and Meetings  

After four hours of work, it’s time to take a break and refuel. I prefer home cooked meals and prepare my food in advance. I make myself a plate of anything that contains veggies, some carbs and some protein. Spinach is one of my favorite vegetables and I love fish. Lunch could be sauteed spinach and grilled salmon with some brown rice or fried plantain. I give myself 30 mns to eat lunch and if I have any scheduled client meetings, I do them at this time.

2:00 PM

  Back to Work  

After lunch and meetings, I get back to work and start wrapping up the most important work that needsed to be done. I check emails again, and make sure I attend to any urgent tasks.

3:30 PM

  Family Time  

School is over for the day for my kids and they are ready to be picked up. I drive to the elementary school which is five minutes from home, pick them up and bring them home. I give them my undivided attention and just have fun with them and hubby.

4:30 PM

  Professional Development  

Around this time, 5pm I check emails and attend any professional development sessions I had scheduled. I always say this “why should someone invest in you, if you don’t invest in yourself?” I take this time to learn a new skill, study, write scripts for my podcast “Empowerment Minutes” available on iTunes, Spotify and Podbean. I also take time to write a paragraph or two in my book. I also use this time to catch up on my school work. At this time, I also just do what I love to do which could include catching up on social media, call a friends and just relax.

6:30 PM

  Dinner and Family  

I get dinner ready for the family and we all eat dinner which is usually buffet style. Each kid has their preference so creating a menu with variety in mind is key. After dinner we just hang out as a family. I also help kids with homework and play, catch up on TV  shows or fun videos.

8:00 PM

  Wrap Up Work  

I get back to my emails and finish off any pending work and take a look at my goals for the day and check off accomplished tasks and start preparing for the next day.

10:00 PM


I get kids ready for bed and start winding down for the day. It’s time to pray again and thank God for the day. I set my alarm and its bedtime for me.


It’s a wrap. That’s what my days are like. Of course, every day is unique and there might be a few changes here and there. I will leave you with these questions: “How are you living and leading? Are you living your purpose boldly and unapologetically?” Check out our two-day virtual workshop for women and girls to learn more and take action. Reach out to me and lets chat. I love volunteering and look forward to starting to volunteering at Metro DC ATD in November.

  

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