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Jordan Rothenberg

Meet Jordan

Much of my early professional experience exists in recruiting, training, and coaching student leaders across several college campuses. I wanted to provide students with the amazing growth experiences that I had received while involved in student life at the University of Maryland. While coaching is my first passion, I’ve spent a lot time after graduate school immersing myself in the L&D space to design, develop, and implement all types of training solutions and I’m still hungry to learn more!

1. Why did you decide to Volunteer for the DC chapter of ATD? 

I was studying for the CPTD on my own and was absolutely loving all of the material that I was learning. It ultimately made me realize that I needed to surround myself with professionals in the Talent Development/L&D space. And after volunteering for the virtual conference in December, I knew that it was the right move!

2. What is your volunteer role with DC ATD??

I am the Newsletter Coordinator for the chapter and as such am responsible for the creation and distribution of the Beltway Bulletins(monthly) and Beltway Updates(weekly).

3. How would you recommend that someone get involved with DC ATD?

It’s hard to list one thing because everyone is different. I would simply recommend that members find a way to get involved in the chapter programs that adds value to their life. There are numerous high-quality events and people in this chapter and you’ll definitely get the most out of it if you know how you want to grow and pursue it! If not, just do something you’ve never done before — it’ll be the growth-inducing experience you didn’t know that you needed!

4. Why do you think someone should volunteer with the DC ATD chapter?

From my experience, volunteering for any role with expand your knowledge, capacities, and network. Period. There’s so much information to conquer in the Talent Development space and as a volunteer in this chapter, you have the agency to direct your own growth beyond the confines of your given position.

You can connect with Jordan on LinkedIn here.

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