Expand Your Employee Development Capabilities with Exceptional Programs and World-Class Instructors 

Organizations with a high percentage of self-aware employees consistency outperform those with a low percentage. Highly engaged and self-aware employees lead to higher earnings and a happier workforce. Teams with high self-awareness make better quality decisions. Self-aware leaders are more likely to be high-performing, meet business goals, and save on turnover costs.

Essentially, with improved self-awareness and "human skills" people can more easily navigate through life and connect with others, which leads to workplaces where innovation, engagement, and productivity thrive.

We offer many courses for the professional development needs of your employees. Understanding how difficult it can be to make time for one’s development, most of our courses are two- to three-hours in length. Our courses can be delivered in-person or via an online training platform for remote participants.

Our instructors are master facilitators from diverse backgrounds and our curriculum is based on adult learning principles and designed to meet all types of learning styles. Participants, whether attending in-person or via the virtual classroom, are guaranteed a quality learning experience.

Participants in our workshops leave feeling inspired to take complete responsibility for their successes at work and at home. Participants enjoy themselves throughout the workshop while gaining invaluable strategies for making desired changes in their lives. By implementing these strategies, participants experience better work and home relationships, improved communication skills, and, ultimately, increased productivity in accomplishing their goals and those of the organization.

Christina Eanes

Professional Development Firm Owner

Through her products and services, Christina inspires others to take responsibility for their success at work and home. Along with her team, she provides invaluable strategies that lead to better professional and personal relationships, improved communication skills, and, ultimately, increased productivity in accomplishing personal and organizational goals.

Through more than fifteen years of public service with a California police department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Christina worked on an array of programs, including the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program and the FBI’s Leadership Development Program, where her teams helped train thousands of leaders.
She has published several books, the latest titled,
Life Is An Escape Room,  in addition to having an active YouTube channel and hosting the Quit Bleeping Around® podcast series on iTunes and other outlets, listened to by tens of thousands in over 88 countries.

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