Elevating Workplace Performance & Inspiring Organizational Wellness 

HHCC’s seasoned consultants are experts in human capital consulting, organizational change management, learning and development, and coaching. Based on our extensive experience, we understand the many challenges of an organization, especially when it comes to your workforce. This is especially true when you need a new perspective. We believe Woodrow Wilson said it best: ”I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow.”

Whether you are a small, mid-size, Fortune 500, state or federal government agency, our team of generalists or specialists are here to support you – a business partner you can count on. The bottom line … happy employees + happy customers = healthier profits.

We are here for you in the capacity that suits you best, from working directly with your leadership or key stakeholders, beside you, rolling up our sleeves and working together, or in the background, coaching, gathering data, etc. – in all cases, our goal is to make you shine. We curate the right talent with the right skills to provide ideas and solutions to solve your business issues. Our consultants are known as thoughtful, creative, resourceful, and reliable partners.

Lisa Cohen

Professional Development Firm Owner

Lisa Cohen is a founder and CEO of Holistic Human Capital Consulting, LLC, a small woman-owned DC Metro-based business that provides solutions to elevate workplace performance and inspire organizational wellness for Federal agencies, and commercial, and non-profit businesses.

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