APTD/CPTD credential holder:  Metro DC ATD supports you in your quest to maintain your certification credentials!

Event Participants/Attendees self-register and self-report. 

To earn credits, you may follow this process:

step 1

Register for Event

As you register for events via Metro DC ATD, please review the title carefully.  The domain and capability the event aligns to is listed for your convenience.

step 2

Track Recertification Credits

Once you are registered, please keep track of event name, date, and domain/capability the event corresponds to. It is important that you save this information as well as the confirmation email you receive upon registration.

Please note: The specific number of points is determined based on the direct contact hours provided during each program based on ATD Recertification Guidelines.  For example, for each hour of content you participate in, Metro DC ATD will provide you with one credit.  This applies to both live and virtual events, including webinars & conferences.  Breaks, lunches, networking events (virtual or live) and podcast episodes are not included.

step 3

Submit Credit Information to ATD

To earn credits on your personal record, your responsibility is to submit credit information to ATD via the ATD Certification Portal.  Please see the Recertification Basics listed below.  In the event there is a change/discrepancy, please reach out to ATD directly and follow their guidelines, as we do.

In the event ATD is requesting additional proof of your attendance/participation to events we have held, you may make your inquiry to us via email - admin@dcatd.org.  

Recertification Basics

  • The APTD® and CPTD® credentials are valid for three years.
  • APTDs must earn 40 recertification points and CPTDs must earn 60 recertification points every three years to maintain their credential.
  • Recertification points may be earned through a variety of activities including continuing education on topics outlined in the ATD Capability Model.
  • Credential holders may enter professional development activities into the ATD Certification portal throughout their certification cycle.
  • A recertification application must be submitted through the ATD Certification portal during the 3-month period before expiration.
  • The recertification fee is $200 for CPTDs and $150 for APTDs.

For more details about the recertification process and requirements, please download the relevant policy directly from the ATD website via this link: https://www.td.org/certification/recertification-program. If you have questions about recertification, please contact ATD directly at recertification@td.org.

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